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Thoughts On These Results?


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I am at Mayo and have had tons of tests run so far. I missed the big appt with my autonomic neurologist on Friday because I ended up in the hospital with what they thought was a stroke. (MRI did not show stroke, though.)

I am worn out from being here so long and hoping and praying that we will be able to talk to him again before we leave. That may mean "checking" for a long period of time but I will do what I need to do.

The patient portal never posted the results of the Autonomic Reflex Testing, but he referred to them in his notes. I would appreciate any input/thoughts on what this could mean?

"Autonomic reflex screen on December 2 was abnormal. Q-Sweat response was reduced at the foot. The heart rate variation to deep breathing was reduced by more than 50%, and there was just a very slight reduction in the Valsalva ratio suggestive of moderate cardiovagal impairment. There was severe adrenergic failure as manifested by absent late phase II and phase IV overshoot during Valsalva and by transient orthostatic hypotension in the first minute of tilt followed by spontaneous recovery."



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Hi rje11, I think you would probably need your doctor to explain the results to you in detail to get a full picture of what they think is going on, though I would assume that your tests show different abnormalities in your autonomic functioning. Once again though, I think it is best to try and call your doctor and see what conclusions they may have come up with.

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