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Does Change In Symptoms = Improvement?


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My doctor recently found out that I have the MTHFR gene which means I can't properly absorb b vitamins such as folate and b12. My doctor thinks the underlying cause of my POTS could be a b vitamin deficiency. I've been taking a supplement formulated for my genetics and I think it has really helped. My symptoms of head pressure, fatigue, brain fog has improved. My tachycardia has been better as well.

But the new symptoms I've noticed is my heart feels more like its "bounding" sometimes. Not always fast just hard.

Also I've developed dizziness.

I prefer this to how poorly I felt before but was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and new if these new symptoms meant anything specific or if they are temporary while I rebuild my stores of b12?

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Did your doctor test your homocystiene levels? I have both "severe" MTHFR gene mutations and it is my understanding that the mutation doesn't affect your B vitamin metabolism unless it has affected your homocystiene levels. There are people, like me, who have the gene mutations who do not have low b vitamin levels. I have had both my homocystiene and b levels checked and they are normal.

I also have quite variable symptoms that have changed over time. Some symptoms have subsided, while new ones have developed. I can't really give you a concise reason why. Some has to do with discovering some food allergie but I don't have a good explanation for most of the changes in symptoms over the years.

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