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In my experience with UTI in past 2 years (before POTs diagnosis though likely beginnings of lots of POTs symptoms...) I went back to dr. after 4 days or so if not experiencing improvement. I actually went to the 4th different antibiotic (ER injections & diagnosed kidney infection). I don't mean to scare you, but if an antibiotic is not giving relief for UTI specific symptoms, I would certainly at least call the dr./office if not go in if it was myself. Maybe the dr or office you saw gave you discharge instructions about how soon you should experience relief.

Since then, I have had UTI symptoms but never enough white or red blood cells to treat as full-blown infection which makes me think it was POTs related (severe malaise, nausea/vomitting, increased urination, and other symptoms...)

On a separate note, I am dealing with a rough cold/virus and having a hard time fighting it off and definitely increase in POTs symptoms.

Maybe others have similar or diff. experiences....

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Any infection I get (UTI, sinus, etc) causes a huge flare in POTS symptoms. I agree with Stellaluna. There are many antibiotic-resistant strains of UTIs; sometimes you have to go through a couple antibiotics before you find the right one for that particular infection. If an antibiotic isn't working, your doctor might want to do a C&S (culture & sensitivity test) where they send urine to a lab, where they'll identify exactly which bacteria is causing the infection, and then test antibiotics to see which one will be most effective.

As a side note, I always take D-Mannose along with antibiotics when I get a UTI. It's amazing stuff, helps kick it out a lot faster. Lately it seems that if I catch one at the beginning, sometimes D-Mannose is all I need to get rid of it (although I always do that with doctor approval, and have the doctor test to make sure it's gone in those cases).

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You can be having bladder spasms and you can also have cystitis which feels like a UTI but it is not bacteria related and that is made worse by caffeine, spicy foods, and other irritants. But even though you are on a broad spectrum antibiotic Cipro, it does not treat all strains and a culture is needed. If you feel like the infection is going away but the spasms are not you can ask for Pyridium which helps w/the pain and swelling. One of the biggest symptoms of my dysautonomia is bladder retention and as of 9 years ago I got to the point now where I could not urinate w/out the use of a catheter so I get frequent UTIs--every 4-6 weeks, then on antibiotics for 14 days, then it starts up again within 2-4 weeks. Some have been resistant and I've had to take two antibiotics at a time or take them for 4 weeks straight. So far i haven't even needed IV's when the infections spreads to my kidneys:), but its been brought up many times. I also take 3 things to minimize infections (makes the bladder more acidic and less likely to hold on to bacteria) and spread them out through the day which has helped--Vit C with breakfast, Cranberry pills at lunch and D-Mannose at dinner. Sometimes i do a second D-Mannose at bedtime.

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