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Head Pressure, Circulation Problems And Tachycardia


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Does anyone else have these symptoms:

When I'm laying down and I lift my head it feels like it weighs 50lbs, and the back of my head feels tingly like the blood isn't circulating properly.

If I lean on my arm, it falls asleep incredibly quickly.

I feel like I just don't have enough blood.

Also I noticed that when I pushed myself and went out 4 days in a row, my hr was better each day (as low as 70s and 80s when standing) but Saturday I stayed home and when I stood up my hr was racing again (145bpm) and I felt miserable. Any ideas why that is?

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My arms and legs fall asleep ridiculously fast. I can no longer sit with my legs crossed or bent, if I sit on too hard a surface my buttocks and legs go to sleep, and if I read with my arms bent holding a book or electronic device, they fall asleep.

I have had doppler studies of my arms and legs which show I have venous insufficiency which we attribute to my EDS.

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My hands and feet tend to be the most reactive when it comes to feeling like they aren't getting enough blood to them, even laying down in bed and reading a book (holding it above my body) I can start feeling my hands not getting enough blood and have to shake them out. I do notice some days if I'm laying down to much my head does feel a bit weird bloodflow wise, like it just pools there a bit when I lye down, I typically do best if I'm halfway in between resting and being active; too much rest isn't good, but neither is too much physical exertion. It's a daily balancing act for me.

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