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Arterial Blood Gas


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Breething is voluntary and involuntary meeting that yes there is autonomic involvment. Not sure as to its correlation to POTS. My Pulmonologist is not POTS expert and we were addressing several other issues at the time. Hope your ABG turns out well! Let us know how it goes? God bless.

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Blood gas can show metabolic acidosis or alkoidosis. This is not linked specifically to POTS but it could linked to illnesses that cause dysautonomia, it's not only breathing related. And yes autonomic system controls breathing and up to 30% with dysautonmia have breathing problems but only less then 5% have bad problems from it. And maybe 1% would say it's one of their worst symptoms. There are many posts I have polled about it on here. Also there are studies that show pots people a type of hyperventialtion (not like rapid type you normally think of)

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