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Pps/paradoxical Parasympathetic Response On Vasalva/standing


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Hi everyone, I posted my test results yesterday, but think I might reach a larger audience for the specific issue I'm asking about so I'm reposting -

My test results indicate normal breathing on Vasalva and Standing yet noted that paradoxically, my parasympathetic increases in response to a sympathetic stimulation. I think this is called PPS and has been posted here years back. Wondering if anyone more recently has it. One of my issues is palpable, crippling, skin crawling anxiety since this began 2.5 yrs ago that has not responded well to psychiatric drugs. Wondering if this PPS phenomenon has anything to do with it, because I was noted to have "adrenergic" dominance.

Here are the results:

-The resulting sympathetic to parasympathetic ratio was abnormal with a marked adrenergic dominance.
-Although breathing increased normally in response to deep breathing and Vasalva, this patient showed a paradoxical parasympathetic increase to the sympathetic stimulation.
-Ortostatsis and postural orthostatic tachychardia syndrome are indicated by this inappropropriate decreased sympathetic response to standing as well as reflex tachychardia. Treatment with centrally acting beta blockers such as Sectral or Coreg.
-Patchy skin response on QSART. Suggestive of small fiber axonal neuropathy.

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So I already responded to the message you sent me a while ago, but I also have PPS and sometimes I have TERRIBLE anxiety. I've had it for years. It's kind-of an on and off thing. Message me again and we can compare test results! Mine showed the Parasympathetic result to Sympathetic stimulation and it was off the charts. Literally. The tech said she'd never seen such a high number. Your response at valsava is supposed to be something like up to 100% i think, and mine was 2000%. Haha yeah. That was a fun test.

I would be interested to know if you also have any other medical issues. The problem with PPS is that it can make it impossible to treat the other issues you have because they won't respond to medication. I also have Endometriosis, PCOS, and Psoriasis, and I'm going through testing for (possibly) and tumor in my breast.

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