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Visit To Syncope Clinic That Opened Autonomic Clinic

Debbie Rose

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This week I saw my rheumatologist as well as my First visit with the Syncope Clinic that now has one doctor, a PA and a NPC for Dysautonomia (I am in Durham, NC)

The Rheumatologist agreed to a salivary gland biopsy to rule out Sjogren's-to get that off the suspicions, which is this Tuesday.

The syncope clinic was very busy and I was seen by the P.A. Jennifer Lewis for this first eval. My HR went up with lying, sitting, standing BP/HR check. The fluronef if definitely helping me maintain good BP. I provided her with my history and could review the 21 day halter monitor which showed all kinds of rapid episodes from PAC (rather benign) PVC's (OK if limited to 4-8) and runs of SVT, 25 of them in 21 days. She also mentioned I had First degree AV block which was new to me.

She said I definitely have Dysautonomia but now we need to determine POTS versus Neurogenic Cardiovascular Syndrome-had to look that up.

Unfortunately they have so many people wanting to be seen by them that the next follow up appt is in 3 months!!!!

However they are scheduling me for TTT before then

My short tern disability ends soon (end of Nov) and LTD is arguing my conditions-but just another wall I have to climb to get over it. I really want to work but now I have vertigo to add to everything else and the stress of the job causes my POTS to exacerbate big time.

Taking it one step at a time


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We recently visited a cardiologist who described POTS as a chronic issue and neurocardiogenic syncope as an acute issue. I guess he means that with POTS you have the chronically high heart rates with standing but rarely fainting. With neurocardiogenic syncope, you seem fine and then you get the fainting episodes. I have POTS and he thinks one of my daughters has neurocardiogenic syncope. He spent some time coaching her on what to do if she felt she might faint, because the real danger in fainting is in hurting yourself in the fall.

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