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Facial Pain Anyone?


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Hi - Does anyone's dissy include facial pain episodes?

I have epsiodes where my eyes start to burn, feel like my eyebrows are dropping, and then my whole face feels burning and tight. With this comes all sorts of facial pains and pressure, sometimes into my throat as well, tightness, etc.

I definitely think I have some type of polyneuropathy going on with this.

Also, when I get anxious, I can literally feel like my whole body has battery acid in it all the way up until my brain.

Also I have a good 10-12 hours of living in me on a daily basis and then IM DONE. I need to get feet up or head down. Its not necessarily a true fatigue, but a different sort of fatigue....

Does this sound familiar to anyone or is it just me??

How am I going to explain this to the new neuro tomorrow without him thinking Im nuts.....

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