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Hi all,

Random vent and asking for advice:

I've been on disability for a few months. I found out that work has been monitoring my FB use and is not happy with it - so I became a bit of an anti-social recluse. I'm not sure what they think I am supposed to do all day, but that's another issue. It came up in discussion with one of my doctors who suggested making a new "covert" FB that doesn't have anyone on it that they would know. Ok, great solution! Now I can be social and involved.

The downside is that now no groups will add me because it has 0 friends and basically no FB history. Do you know how I can go about adding new friends to my FB to at least make it clear that I am an actual legitimate person?

I really don't want to go into the drama with my friends/add them and all of my family has been tagged all over my personal facebook - don't want to add them in case they come up as "people you may know" since some of the people at work are friends with my brother/sister/cousin etc.

So now I'm trying not to be anti-social and it still isn't working.

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Is there some work related reason why anyone from your work needs to be on your original Facebook page? You could block them/remove them as friends and make sure your privacy settings are set so only people on your friend list can see your activity.

The people from work who are talking about your Facebook activity may not be worthy to be on your "friend" list anyway, in my opinion.

Hope you get it worked out.

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I don't know where you live / work (and wouldn't ask you to tell me) but where I live, in most cases, it's actually illegal for companies to monitor and/or tell you what to do with your personal social networking sites UNLESS one or more of the following applies:

- You have where you work listed on your fb page

- You have clients / customers as friends on your facebook page

- You are using facebook during time that they are paying you to work (disability typically should NOT count as paid work time)

- You are mentioning work, people you work with, or clients / customers in your posts

- You are using a company computer or network

- They have a social networking policy in place, and you have violated it

If I were in your situation, I wouldn't make a new page. I would delete where I work from my "about me" section, unfriend all clients / customers, and delete all posts in which co-workers, customers/clients, or bosses are tagged. Modify your name slightly from the name you use at work - use a middle name instead of first or last name, maybe use a maiden name, one of your parents' maiden names, etc. If you do those things, depending on where in the world you work, it usually makes it illegal for companies to comment or ask you to change your social networking activity (unless you're doing it during work hours). However, to avoid having to fight them on it (which is a pain), I would also recommend unfriending anyone from your work, and locking down your profile completely. You can set it so only friends can see things; if you make sure "friends of friends" aren't able to see content, then your work people will never see anything you post, even if someone who is friends with you (who is also friends with someone from your work) likes or re-posts your content, or if someone is tagged in your post who is also friends with someone you work with. Also make sure you set your profile so that it doesn't come up in search results, and it shouldn't come up as "people you may know". And finally, make sure you never log into facebook on company computers or networks (even laptops they give you for home use).

If it really is important, you can also go through and change the individual privacy settings on old posts too so no one can see them if you're really concerned about it, but unfriending and locking down your profile should take care of that.

You can make all of these changes (including changing your name) without creating a new profile. That way, you can still remain in the groups you like and keep all of your old friends.

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