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Abnormal Mri Reading


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Hi All,

I was just curious if anyone has had an abnormal Brain MRI with enlarged ventricles? I was diagnosed with POTS back in 2003 but have been feeling worse in recent years with additonal/increased fatigue, muscle weakness, bladder issues, and dizziness. I have been going to a number of doctors to find some answers and recently had a brain and cervical spine MRI that came back showing I had enlarged brain ventricles. (I had a MRI in 2010 that was normal on paper so this is a fairly new change) My Nerologist is now sending me to a specialist for hydrocephauls. I guess based on the looks of my MRI it looks like I could potentially have normal pressure hydrocephauls but, this is odd because generally most people with this condition are 60 + and I am 33. So, just curious if anyone on here has had or knows anyone who has had hydrocephauls and POTS. I am wondering if there may be some sort of connection.


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