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Exploring Your Pots Limitations/ Quirks


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So this past year was the first one I lived alone since my POTS symptoms escalated, and I'm still exploring the ways in which it works when it comes to physical exertion, so I thought I'd share and would love to hear your own findings.

When it comes to taking out the trash, bringing up groceries (can be heavy), and doing the laundry (going up and down two flights of stairs) I've found that if I try and do it carefully and slowly I can get immediately bad symptoms, but if I just grab everything and go my body does much better. This first came into my mind when I had a stress test and was expecting to last about 30 seconds, since I could only walk about a half block when I'd get a sudden onset of symptoms, but I was able to go for minutes even feeling my leg muscles working for the first time. However after the test I had to be carefully in walking back down to my ride.

So today I threw caution to the wind and walked quickly for two and a half minutes to the end of my street and back, and then laid on my couch for 15 minutes as my hr slowly dipped below 100, and I'm now I'm recovering. And I don't feel amazing but I don't feel like I'll have to spend the next few days in bed! My only real indicator of if I went to far is I will get this pain across my head in the same spot each time, but wow that's the furthest a I've walked in over a year! I figure I'll see how I do tomorrow but might try and do this 3 times a week and see how it goes. Feel free to share your experiences.

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I find that what bothers me most isn't fast or slow but not being steady with the activity. If I walk the dog, slow is ok, a little brisk is ok, but start/stopping or starting brisk and then going slow doesn't go so well. I also have a terrible time if I don't plan my errands right and get in and out of the car more than 2 or 3 times in a couple hours. My body just doesn't like to have to readjust it's homeostasis.

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