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proamitine vs. midodrine

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Hello, I'm new to the forum diagnosed with NCS last November. I met with Dr. Grubb in March and he prescribed midodrine but told me not to accept the generic. My insurance would only cover the midodrine (small white pills) for a $7.00 copay and would charge me $270.00 for the proamitine. I started on the midodrine and noticed some help, 2-3 pills every 3 1/2 to 4 hours but when I was able to get my insurance to approve the proamitine I noticed a big difference. They are very small pink pills and I take 2 every 3 1/2 hours. I thought I would mention the difference since it may help someone else. Each day is still a struggle but the proamitine has given me many more good hours. Ann Marie

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My Cardiologist told me he would start me on the generic and see how I did. If it helped he would switch me to the Proamitine. For some reason the original drug works better. Cant tell you why though. I do know that people have bad reactions to this medication (like me). I guess we all tolorate medications differently. Im glad it works for you.

Peace and prayers


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Proamantine is the brand name, and midodrine is generic. I switched from brand to generic less than a year ago and did not notice a difference. My previous cardiologist says he saw no problem with the generic. I did not ask Dr. Low about generic.

Does anyone know what Dr. Low's opinion is regarding generic midodrine?


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I thought ProAmitine was just the generic brandname of Midodrine? :P


Actually Midodrine is the generic and ProAmatine is the brand name. Just wanted to clarify...

~ Meghan :)

Glad someone knows! It's such a rarely used drug in the UK- not even in the BNF (bible type compendium for doctors' pharmacists listing all possible drugs used)

I've met two doctors in eleven yeares who know what it is/ have heard of it at all!

And now you're going to tell me you're from the Uk so I look evens sillier! :P

thanks for clarifying B)

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