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It happened again

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As many of us are still undergoing many medical tests on a pretty regular basis, I thought it might be good to remind everyone that it's always a good idea to double-check orders for tests etc. for human error. Happened to me AGAIN this week, the doctor ordered a particularly important blood test and somewhere between the doctor's instructions and what the medical secretary wrote, I nearly went for the wrong test. (mixup with very similar words, but testing for two very different things) At least this time I caught this mistake before doing the test. After having a CT without contrast when the doctor meant to order it, and an mri concentrated in the wrong place because of a typo, I've learned to read and be educated about EVERYTHING.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Guest tearose

Good thing you caught the error!

Thank you for the reminder.

It is easy to forget to check, especially when we feel crummy!

Hope your tests reveal only manageable things!


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The wrong support staff such as secretaries, technicians, nurses, etc. can make or break a doctor. They can make a doctor look really bad. A team is not a team without all the members doing their job well. There is so much turn over for the support staff jobs.

I would write down exactly what the doctor says he/she is going to order. Before you actually get xrayed or poked with a needle, I would then verify with the technician that you are getting what the doctor ordered. It sounds like you already know this.

Hope no more goof ups are in your future!


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