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Being honest I live in Ireland and know almost nothing about the Mayo clinic beyond their web info,however as for Dysautonomia and Fibro,they have many common overlaps,people with Fibro often have Dysautonomia,and people with Dysautonomia often have Fibro.

In my case I do not have Fibro but my treatment is being overseen by a Rheumatologist who specialises in Fibromyalgia, more info on this thread if your interested....


Anyway the causes of Dysautonomia can be different for everyone but just thought I would share this link if it helps any.

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Which clinic in what state? I took my son to Rochester Mn and he saw a specialist there. They did all the typical testing. The clinic at Arizona was really good with adults. There were some really good post on the forum about the care they provided. Do a search for MAYO and you should pull up several post on the MAYO clinic.

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Apparently the POTS clinic in Minnesota is temporarily closed. I applied to be seen there a while ago and never got a date, so I called last month and they said it's closed indefinitely while they switch it between departments or something? I didn't fully understand, but the gist of it was they didn't know when it would reopen. Maybe they decided your symptoms fit fibro closely enough for you to be seen there instead

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