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Mayo Study Finds Hyperkinetic Circulation During Exercise In Pots Adolescents

arizona girl

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DI posted this on their facebook page. Dysautonomia International shared a link.
Interesting research news out of Mayo - many POTS patients are NOT deconditioned! "Our novel observation elaborates current models of POTS and injects a cautionary note on invocation of deconditioning in this population." They found that hyperkinetic circulation may lead to the exercises intolerance seen in some POTS patients. They also propose that in POTS patients in which deconditioning has developed, POTS may begin as sympathetic nervous system dysregulation of the renin-angiotensin system, leading to low blood volume, which leads to deconditioning. Article here:http://physreports.physiology.org/content/physreports/2/8/e12122.full.pdf
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So I am understanding the following from the article: in the POTS patients tested, cardiac output was faster than what their bodies could accommodate for oxygen uptake (what they are terming hyperkinetic circulation). Basically the heart is pumping faster and harder to try to maintain pressure since the rest of the body remains inappropriately vasodilated. But this causes the body to not be able to use the oxygen passing through the tissues because it's going too fast.

Is that the lay person's understanding/explanation or am I missing the boat?

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