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Link Between Mcas And Chiari Malformation/cranial Instability?


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Hi, I'm new here so hello everyone!

I am wondering if anybody knows whether or not there is a link between MCAS and Chiari Malformation/Cranial Instability/Or general damage to the cervical region of the spine?

A friend of mine with Chiari and CI suggested there was but I haven't been able to find anything in the medical literature.

My condition started following a car accident and then an assault to the head (specifically to the TMJ) joint. I have been diagnosed with PoTS and EDS and am suspected of having MCAS. My main problem seems to be the reaction I have to everything (especially any physical activity). But I also have pressure in the back of my head and pain, loud cracking etc from my atlas joint.

MCAS explains my reaction to things and Chiari/damage to the cervical region of the spine would explain the pain and pressure from that. What is confusing me though is there seems to be a link between the two, for example just moving my jaw to eat, talk or sing causes a similar reaction as to exercise, as do moving my head about. Can anyone shine any light on this please?

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If you have MCAS, anything that your body perceives as stress can cause a mast cell degranulation. I have not seen any literature directly linking MCAS to Chiari/C-spine instability, however, there is plenty of anecdotal information showing many patients have POTS, EDS, and MCAS comorbidly. And there are many of us with EDS that have Chiari or c-spine instability as a result of our EDS. I can tell you I just had surgery to stabilize my neck and it did not fix any of my MCAS symptoms. You might try the EDS forum at ednf.org to ask the same question, but as I've said, in my research the only link I've seen is that they are often found to be comorbid conditions but no direct link that one causes the other.

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