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Heart Failure


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I found a study that might be of interest to some. It was to me because my son has very high Cam Kinese II levels. This antibody can do alot of damage to the body.

So far I am not seeing any major changes in Tyler's symptoms but seeing some small ones. Our doctor has told me that small is ok for right now. My son has been sick for a very long time and his body may not know how to make the good antibodies yet. Most people start seeing some major changes within 1-7 months of treatment. Tyler is getting ready to start a low dosage of Prednisone to see if it will help with inflammation. We are hoping that his vocal tic will not start back full blast.

The first article is about heart failure and the second article is about children with SC. The second article is a treatment plan that is very close to Tylers. He will be doing out patient treatments 2 times a week for the next 12 weeks and eventually go down to once a week if all goes well.



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He will be doing 2 out patient treatments for the next 12 weeks. So far his heart is ok. Our doctor did an echocardiogram during his last visit. His vitamin D levels were also checked.

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