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Cardiomyopathy Now


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Just diagnosed with POTS/dysautonomia/orthoststic intolerance and venous pooling in late June. Had a follow up echo about 2 weeks ago which surprisingly came back with reduced ejection fraction. Dr is changing my beta blocker and talking CATH if no EF improvement is seen.

This is difficult news because treatment for cardiomyopathy is opposite of that for POTS-less sodium and eventually if heart failure sets in, less fluids as well.

Right now both my cardiologist and EP are suggesting to stay on the POTS regimen since I have no edema, overload, or symptoms of heart failure.

I'm having a hard time continuing with the amount of fluids and salt since I feel like I'm hurting my heart muscle!!

I'm in the middle of yet another POTS flare-well I guess that's what it is-hoping it's not the cardiomyopathy - probably brought on by not following the regimen and the stress of this new finding. Palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain, insomnia, living in the bathroom, etc.

Has anyone had both POTS and cardiomyopathy or heart failure?

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I don't know anything about cardiomyopathy, so I'm just thinking out loud here. Is cardiomyopathy the only possible diagnosis for a decreased EF, especially since you don't have other signs of heart failure? And, out of curiosity, do you know why increased fluids are contradictory in cardiomyopathy? I ask because in my mind it seems like thinner blood, not thicker dehydrated blood, would be easier for the heart to pump. Again, I am asking to educate myself as I am unfamiliar.

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