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Concern About Dehydration Symptoms Since Colonoscopy


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It is hard to separate out dehydration symptoms from worsening pots symptoms, although I imagine they are interconnected.

I had my colonoscopy on Wednesday. prepped with Movieprep, arrived with a splitting headache, dizzy, was given two IV fluid containers, but waited hours for the procedure. Not able to drink again until about 4 pm. That night I had a severe bout of diarrhea. Not since.

Today, Saturday, three days later, I feel really lousy. My bp has been down yesterday and today (it is usually normal during the day, not now), my hr is up, and today I am dizzy, dry mouthed, and very tired.

I am not sure whether I should be concerned that I am very dehydrated or it is the pots from slight dehydration. I am drinking plenty of fluid and gatorade.

Any suggestions? How do you know when dehydration is dangerous enough to go to an ER? Is drinking fluids enough? Why three days later?

Thanks for your help!!


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Hi Lynnie,

Sorry you're not feeling well (or worse than normal.) If you have any question, you should go because it can get worse very quickly. You can pinch the skin on the inside of your wrist (the soft part near your palm) and see if it snaps back quickly or if it kind of slowly releases back to normal. Gums being pale or if you press on them and the pink color doesn't return with a second or two Is also a sign of dehydration. But, with POTS, we might need to be more hydrated than most healthy people to keep our vitals stable. Feel better sooooon!

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Thanks Katie. Well my skin doesn't snap back so quickly but it could be worse. I'm sure drinking up a storm and feel a little better. It really is hard to tell the difference between pots dizzies and dehydration. I'm just hoping that three days of fluids post colonoscopy is getting my body back to the normal of pots. I loathe the ER here. I don't know what's it like there. Here it's hours and hours before anyone treats you unless it is truly an emergency which I will not consider this. So I'm hoping things are better tomorrow. If I wake up in the same state of dizzies and dryness and low bp in the AM, maybe I will go.

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Wow. That great! Are you feeling any better now that you've had some fluids?

I'm in the middle of an abdominal migraine so I'm wiped out at the moment. I've also been having increased pain levels generally in my joints, skin, etc. and debilitating fatigue. I've been really having to push myself physically just to get the basics of life done. I'm actually thrilled PT is over because it's two less times I have to leave the house (and everything that goes along with that) each week. I was however helping my migraines.

Let me know how you're doing.

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Hi Katie,

Yes the fluids helped,even though i wasn't dehydrated (by then I think). Still recovering though from the anesthesia and the general procedure. I think anything can put us back a lot!

Was the PT helping your migraines? Are they back to where they are? How is your neck doing? I won't take up this colonoscopy space with all of this.

But I do think that the dehydration puts us seriously back a few steps.

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