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How To Be Independent?


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Hello everyone, it's been a long time. Even though it doesn't feel like it I am getting slightly better and can do more even though the amount of pain is the same. But, because I can do more I am running into problems that I'm just not prepared for.

First I'd like to ask a board question that I'm sure can help others as well:

How do you keep some aspect of your independence, no matter how small, despite your illness?

And as for the major reason of why I writing this: I've been threatened to be kicked out a few times now, but last night I just barely avoided it and I don't know what to do when the time does come that it will happen. I've been sick since I was very young and have just recently been well enough to get out in the world, but I've never been taught how to survive in it. I'm almost 20 now, but I don't know how to be an adult. I can drive, get my own groceries, and manage my bank account, but that is the end of the line. Things like rent, paying bills, taxes, or anything else I have not a clue about. Do any of you know some sources or can tell me through experience about these kinds of things?

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