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I used to take Simvastatin and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I used to be healthy and walk 6-10 miles a day on the weekend. Side effects from statins started 1 month after I took them but docs did not tell me to stop them. I got progressively worse and after researching online stopped them myself. I am on FMLA from my job and have been diagnosed with CFS/FM also other issues with muscles tendons and ligaments. I joined this group since dysautonomia sounds exactly like my symptoms. When I get startled like sliding on an icy patch my hands and feet get pins and needles. I am having a muscle biopsy in two days to check for mitochondrial damage. I would definitely stay away from statin drugs. I will spend the rest of my now miserable life telling people to do thorough research on statins and hopefully they will decide the benefit is not worth the risk.

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