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Preparing For A Colonoscopy/polyp Surgery With Pots


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I am having a colonoscopy in three days. I had one a year ago and a very large polyp was not removed (the doctor neglected to) so another surgeon is going in for what may be a rather lengthy colonoscopy.

My POTS symptoms are worse from a year ago, so by evening my bp is very low (in the 70

s) ,my HR very high (120-130 standing)

and I feel faint. Any suggestions for enduring the prep with these issues?

Any advice for the anesthesia?

Thanks a lot!!


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I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done over the last few weeks and the hardest part was recovering from the sedation (propofal). I am extremely sensitive to any medication and I knew this was going to be difficult for me. With the first test, the nurses insisted on getting me up and out the door before I was at all awake. I couldn't even keep my eyes open but nevertheless, they threw me in a wheelchair and dumped me into the car. It took me days to get over the "hung over" feeling and my thinking was very foggy for at least several days after.

With the second test, I had a wonderful nurse who let me sleep it off. Usually, people are awake after a few minutes, but she let me sleep for close to an hour. By letting me wake at my own pace, it made a significant difference in the time it took me to recover. I was a little tired throughout the day but by the following day, i was just fine.

It is so hard to get medical professionals to listen and believe you. I told them that I was going to have trouble with the sedation, but it was only after I proved to them that it was a problem that they responded.

I hope you that you find good folks who will listen to your concerns and try to do what is best for you, not just assume you are just like everybody else.

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When I had mine done, my doc told me to super hydrate alternating between gatorade and water for the 36 hours prior to the cut off of eating and drinking. He also told me that once my feces ran clear (sorry for tmi), that I could stop drinking the prep so I might not dehydrate so badly. You might ask if your surgeon is comfortable with that. They also knew of my concerns regarding dehydration so they started my IV a little early and left it in until I was literally ready to leave. Maybe you can ask for the same kind of routine? I hope it goes well!

Let me know how you are doing after.


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I am very concerned about the prep! Because my bp is very labile, it can dip to 70/45 up to 180/120....when it's high, I take a betablocker, when it's low I need to stay very well hydrated....so i'm nervous. The prep they are giving me -- I haven't thought ahead -- is moviprep, a very high sodium prep. not good for either GERD or HBP or I'm sure POTS....The surgeon, Katie is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with directly. NEVER talks to anyone. He's a technician--and right now, because the polyp is so large and complicated, I need a good technician, but I sure need a prep that won't affect me too adversely. In addition, i am currently really blocked up, another complication.

Helen, thanks for your story-- a wonderful nurse goes a long way. I don't know how the sedation will affect me as it will be much longer than usual.

I have just tomorrow AM to somehow get in touch with the surgeon's nurse and have them give me another prep but one that is thorough without causing terrible dehydration or bp problems.

Any advise is welcome on this.

Katie, I am trying to keep pretty hydrated but busy taking other preps that haven't worked....what a mess....for the blockage.

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I had to do a fecal transplant last year due to a C.Difficile infection which thousands of dollars of antibiotics failed to make a dent in. They did a colonoscopy as part of the procedure but the Dr was absolutely scared of my body. As a result, -NO- sedation was performed and they used a pediatric scope. Not even a saline drip. They did place an IV cannula just in case they needed to push drugs but nothing happened.

There were two times when he was pumping air in which were very painful but the pain resolved within 10 seconds each time. I did get lightheaded and my BP dropped a bit but I was fine, nothing worse than my body acts in its normal daily weirdness. The prep was honestly worse than that. I got a bad case of booty burn from the prep and had all sorts of BP/electrolyte issues from that. I'm not sure if going without sedation is an option when they're cutting polyps out, but after my experience I can't understand why doctors routinely put patients (and their bodies) through sedation.

As soon as I was discharged, I drove to work feeling good and put in a full day's work and drove out of town the next day. I had scheduled being off work the whole day (and worked until 4 pm the prior day) so I didn't need to go back to work - I honestly felt that good where I wacted to get some work done.

If I ever have another colonoscopy I'll gladly do it without sedation again.

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