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Doc Appt Wed Gyn Hormones


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I did the nuvaring and just skipped the week you leave it out so I wouldn't get a period. I usually started to cramp and spot in week 3. My gyn had wanted me to try the nuvaring since I had been on depo provera for so long and that has osteoporosis implications. My symptoms on nuvaring would also start to spike in week 3. Eventually, we transitioned back to depo provera as it was just becoming worse and worse for me. Apparently my body doesn't like estrogen.....I can't take the pill either (I've tried many, many brands). I'm much better on depo as I don't get the hormone fluctuations and as I said the estrogen.

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Yes...that's why I was always on these treatments. I used to wake up as a teen in the middle of the night in so much pain I would vomit. But with the dydysautonomia, my hormones definitely affected how I felt and the depo seems to be what my body is happy with. I hope they can straighten this out for you. It really stinks to have this on top of pots. It's like half your month is screwed up guaranteed.

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