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How Is Dysautonomia Affecting Your Muscular System?

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I'm having these moments where i feel like i need to tense and twist my muscles. Like tensing my back or curling my toes and rolling my ankles. Sometimes i feel like i need to just ball my fists up and squeeeeeeze!!!

It adds to the annoyance and frustration of how i feel. But it also makes me a bit concerned about possibly having a neurological condition that's affecting my muscular system. Already been through the gammet over the years of MRI, EMG tests, etc....all came back normal.

Anyone else have these issues with their muscles?

I do try to keep a constant weight workout routine that seems to sometimes help all my symptoms (the muscle tension is one that's come and gone and am experiencing now- i haven't worked out the last week so i don't think lifting causes these feelings).

One of the main reasons i lift (besides health benefits and the desire to add size) is to keep my mind sane of not having a disease like ALS or MS. If i'm not getting weaker, rather stronger, my muscles aren't being atrophied and i'm "in the free". weird...i know.

So, any thoughts, suggestions, opinions, would love to hear.


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My guess, and it's just a guess, is that it is due to being more sedentary due to dysautonomia. Muscles and other soft tissue stiffens and will then feel like it needs to be moved around. Along with this, we tend to have some amount of circulatory problems so it may just be that your body is trying to pump some more blood by feeling like tensing your muscles.

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