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Compression Hose.

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Guest tearose

I have to say that the compression garment and pantyhose are my best treatment methods! B)

My heart rate drops a minimum of 20 beats per minute from standing without hose at 147 to standing with hose ( and abdominal garment) at 120 beats per minute!!!

I too struggle to get them on but again, the benefit outweighs the few minutes needed to get into them. Also, the hose fabric comes in different choices. I like the non-cotton ones for the summer because they wick away the heat for me. I also sometimes have sprayed water on my calves and then it is cool and as the mist evaporates I feel refreshed.

I have used many brands. I think the Juzo are the best and last the longest but I "save" them for important times when I know I have a long day or more activity in my day. I like the color choices of Jobst and use these alot. I look for other brands too and pick them up when I see them...sometimes a surgical pharmacy will put some on sale to rotate stock!

Anyway, I have learned that with a couple of stitches of needle and thread I can make a pair of compression hose last many months! I don't suggest ever using nail polish.

Good luck, tearose

PS I don't use ankle weights unless I am exercising on a regular basis and need more resistance. I have not been able to do this because after a virus I crash down to inactivity and must slowly re train my body. I am just doing leg lifts these days and will hopefully get back on the treadmill in a month or so. What ever you do, go slow and steady. Any exercise will build your muscle, add the weights when/if your body is ready!

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I love my compression hose. For me they make a big difference. I can definetly tell the difference when they are on. I have a couple pair of Aimes Walker and a couple pair of Jobst.. The Jobst are the most comfy, but ames Walker are ok as well.

I have also found excersise to be the most important thing I have done... Since seeing Dr Grubb, he told me one of the reasons I never passed out was b/c I have consistently lifted weights, and had very muscular legs...

I have upped my workouts since then and it has made all the difference.

I have a total Gym that I use 3 times a week and an elliptical trainer I use 2 to 3 times a week.

I know that many on this board are not well enough to do that type of activity , so check with your Dr about what type of strength training is right for you.

Good Luck B)

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