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Migraines From Any Blood Pressure Variations?-- High, Low, Normal


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I haven't been around in awhile. I've been diagnosed for 4 years and have had symptoms related to postural hypotension and tachycardia for 6 years and have gotten to the point where I'm limited but not ruled by my illness with the help of a good cardio and medications+lifestyle changes. I had an opportunity to do something that I was forced to skip due to severe symptoms when I was first diagnosed and decided to take it on, even though it was pretty ambitious for me. On top of that, part of the way through that project I was offered and took a job. I was working a ton of hours, standing a lot, doing physical work, and dealing with a lot of stress and not the best living conditions (only getting to sleep at home 1-2 nights a week, etc). About 3/4 of the way through the project I started having issues with migranes.

I am no stranger to migranes. I had my first one at age 12, my dad is a sufferer and his mother was one as well. There seems to be a genetic component but there aren't any clear triggers like food . . . hormones . . .etc. like most migrane sufferers have. Actually, spinal misalignment seems to be the clearest trigger, but it isn't always linked to that. I know since developing POTS many of my migranes have begun with blood pressure fluctuations.

Anyway, about 3/4 of the way through this project I started getting auras and migraines frequently. It seemed like any slightly low BP day would trigger one, and from that point on, raising my bloodpressure wouldn't solve the problem, but only cause worsening of symptoms, but lowering my BP also caused symptoms.

The project is now over, but I am still working full time and dealing with some work stress. While I am a lot less busy than I was for the couple months of double projects, I'm still dealing with frequent headaches that always seem to be linked to bloodpressure changes and POTS symptoms. My cardio is fab but has suggested I see my GP about them, but I know they are BP related. GP suggests dealing with it through my cardio.

Can we talk migraines?

Anyone had this experience? What do you do? My first reaction is to raise my BP slightly, but it isn't erasing symptoms.

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I'm curious how you are able to pinpoint them to your BP fluctuations? Personally my BP moves around so much that it would be hard for me to say for sure that my migraines are related to that. So unfortunately I can't help you with any experience with that aspect of migraines.

Have you noticed if they are triggered at all by weather changes? Sometimes mine will be set off the day before a weather system comes thru. Would your BP changes be more reflective of variable hydration perhaps and not drinking as much when you are really busy? I've had that be a trigger for mine as well. Certainly not sleeping will be a big trigger for mine.

Then, sometimes I wonder if it isn't that something is just "off" in the brain and then everything triggers them. :rolleyes: I mean, when I first got sick, for a few years, I was having about 20 a month. It seemed like everything was triggering them and "nothing" was triggering them. Now, I'm on topirimate (topomax) at a low dose and rarely have one despite all the same possible triggers.

Migraines are miserable. You have my utmost sympathy!

Glad to hear you have been doing so well the past 4 years.

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