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Off topic, but could use some help with a mag.

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Hi, everyone,

This is very off topic, but I'm working on a magazine article for a local family magazine I write for, and I could use a little help. Since many of you are moms, I'm hoping you can help me.

The article is to go in a column called "Nutrition Nook". I will be giving tips, from real moms, on how they get their children to eat their vegetables, such as putting peanut butter on celery or making cute flowers out of tomatoes.

If you have any words of nutrition wisdom that I could give to my readers, please let me know.

Also, please include your name, city and state (and country) you live in, the first names of your kids and their ages.

If I get enough replies from our forum, I'll copy and download the magazine article so you can all see your names and maybe make a copy for your scrapbooks.

Thanks, everyone. I do know this is very off subject, and I apologize for that. Yet, you all know so much about nutrition and health--I needed to come to the experts!!


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