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Of from work Sick

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Hi all,

Just chilling, i was in work for about 20mins and had to leave i flt very sick and went the toilet like 3 times already. I think its the constapation coming out cos i have had some long sessions on the toilet letting things out, lol. Hopefully ill be better tomorrow, im gonna get some soup and water in a sec and go for a little jog later on. I feel fine now im at home, its weired, im starting to think most of my illness is anxiety related.

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Ps. I also think i have a drink problem, not a serious one but i like the feeling of drink, i bought a bottle of Peach Wine @ 13.5% and drank it all, this may be a cause of my sickness to. I really need to stop and need some support and other ways i can entertain myself, i used to enjoy making a cup of tea and watching a film or going online, but now i find drink excites me, even though i Hate the after effects i still do it. I need to stop befor it gets to serious and i end up with liver problems.

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