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Wikipedia Page On Aag

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I am making a Wikipedia page on AAG.

If anyone wants to join in, the link is here:



I expect that the project will take 30-50 hours to complete, even if help from any of you is provided.

If you could please give me input, it would be appreciated.

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Since I am inviting everyone, I don't have limits to what you can and cannot do.You can do whatever you want with it, add in whatever you want - just please try to add in "notes" in the comment section (box) below every edit.

I am currently working on the "diagnosis" section, which kind of is an area of controversy. I did kind of plagiarize in that section, and I need to reword it. I am also going to use HTML to make a table about the cutoffs for the antibody titers. After I make the table, I am going to link the descriptions of the subtypes of AAG directly from those subtypes listed in the "titer table".

I am going to write/add in details in such a way that all of my "references" are cited within the Wikipedia article, which will really be a task.

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