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Are These Symptoms Linked To The Pots?


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Six months ago, I had a bad cold which I thought had caused me to trap a nerve when coughing. The symptoms started in my feet, very strong pins and needles, and a numbness up my right leg and buttocks. It gradually spread up my right side, making my right breast go numb and the pins and needles spread down my right arm and hand. I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't a trapped nerve though, as six months on, although the numbness and tingling has gone completely from everywhere else, my right hand and particularly fingertips, still have the pins and needles. It's there almost constantly, but worse in the evenings. Although I've had POTS for 20 years and this symptom is only in the last six months, I've started to wonder if it could be related?

I haven't spoken to my GP about it, as it doesn't cause me major problems and I didn't want to be sent for a new series of investigations when I was already in and out of hospital regularly for testing for the POTS, but thought if anyone would know if there's a link, then you all will.

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