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Anybody Experience Asmr, Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response?


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I first heard about this on NPR a few weeks ago and didn't realize it was a named phenomenon. I've always experienced this but either thought it was normal or that that wasn't a name for it. It's basically "brain tingles" or a sensation that goes down your head and spine in response to particular sounds, usually gentle voices, whispers, paper cutting, wind blowing, etc.


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Ok, weird....I get the brain/spine tingling from all the stuff in the video that she mentions. I actually assumed most people experienced it so never bothered to talk about it. But, unlike this woman....I hate it. And, interestingly, it started to give me a migraine as it happened over and over again from listening to this video. I also, in the last year or so, have been having the extreme version of this and actually feel like I am being given a strong electric shock in the same areas in my brain and spine when I am surprised/scared suddenly by something like a loud noise, not expecting someone to come around a corner. It's (this new version) like it's an extreme version of an adrenaline rush in my brain and spine. I find it interesting that so many people enjoy this sensation...the tingling version, not the extreme version. I wonder if my hyperacusis is what makes mine so very annoying since I can hear things most people don't.

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