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Freezing/burning Sensation When Moving Body


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When I wake up, if I move my muscles, I get an instant unpleasant sensation all over my body. It vanishes the moment I stop moving. Some days it's like instantly being chilled to the bone, no matter how physically warm I actually am. On other days it's like my muscles are on fire (not physically hot, just a kind of burning feeling). When it's worse, it can be triggered by normal breathing movements; when it's less bad, I can breathe normally but not deeply.

This is new - it began in late March and has gradually happened more frequently. It happens most days, but not all. The last two weeks it's been accompanied by increasing muscle weakness, and has been extending into the day more and more. The last couple days I haven't ever felt entirely normal when moving.

Has anyone else had symptoms like this? Have you identified any of your triggers?

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