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Metabilic Acidosis

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Got some bloodwork done and noticed a slightly higher than normal anion gap of 16.4, which seems like it can point towards metabolic acidosis(acidic blood).

The symptoms are a lot of what I experience. I just emailed the doc about it. Perhaps it is worth looking ingo?

Just sharing my thoughts with you all.


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I've wondered about this myself a couple times when I've had labs with low CO2 and high chloride levels and/or an abnormal anion gap. The docs tend to blow it off as being related to hyperventilating but I know I'm not hyperventilating. I sometimes get the same sensations of hyperventilation (tingling in legs/arms/around mouth, very light headed etc) but it occurs when I try to stand up and maybe try to say 2 or 3 words to a family member. Not like I'm in a situation that's wrought with high anxiety or anything that would be making me stressed out and breathing fast. When it happens it always seems like there is already something going on metabolically (like I'm already having a bad day symptom-wise) and then these symptoms become extremely obvious when I add on an additional stress to the system like standing and trying to talk.

Makes me wonder if there is some borderline metabolic acidosis that is lurking there sometimes.

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