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Valsalva Manuever

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Hi everyone,

It's closing in on my 1 year anniversary for when my initial onset occurred. In the past few months I realized that my onset was caused by an intense valsalva maneuver.

I'm trying to narrow down the possible adverse effects of a valsalva maneuver. There is not much information on the issue other than the immediate effects (huge spike in blood pressure, increase in thoraic cavity pressure, reduced venous return, activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (i think) ).

One thing that interests me is aortic dissection. Weight lifters who perform valsalva while lifting can experience this - it's a tearing or rupture of your aortic vein (or artery, whatever). Pretty much the same symptoms of POTS while in many cases a severe pain in the chest...

Anyways, if anyone has info on this topic and has researched it before, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone has done valsalva testing from a neurologist I'd be interested in hearing how that process goes..

Thank you!

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