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Dhea Anyone?


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has it helped anyone with hyper-Pots?

I'm hopeful....

I'm specifically hopefuly that it wil help me drop the 30 pounds that came on suddenly over a 3 months time period. I think I have high cortisol, causing the fluid retention and weight gain (abdomen & face/neck), and I hope the DHEA will balance that and let the fluid and weight come off. I'm also starting Seriphos and acetylcholine.

any experiences to share?

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Hmm, I haven't tried DHEA, however I do have the sudden weight gain problem. Keep us posted, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that this has happened to!

I've had cortisol testing and it was normal at the time.

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I have some concerns about DHEA and why or who is prescribing it for you?

I was given the presciption form of it by and integrated doctor, when I first got sick for supposed "fibromyalgia". It does not promote weight loss, and if you have any type of metabolic syndrome, like pcos, high lipids, etc. it is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It is a steriod and functions like prednisone, which causes weight gain.

Where did you hear it causes weight loss? If you are having a weight gain problem, there are many things to look into as to why that is happening, before adding a hormone in like dhea, in my opinion.

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