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Your Perspiration Problems: Adrenal, Thyroid, Med, Hpa Axis, Etc?


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I notice that this topic isnt addressed on this forum much, but i see it on others such as adrenal fatigue/mast cell/ thyroid, etc.

People seem to fall into two groups, too much sweating, or worse yet, too little. In my case, I come from a heredity of barely sweating at all, but i live in a hot climate. I may actually have to move north eventually toward canada. One doctor suggested i may have a condition called "anhidrosis" and i was given a med called pilocarpine to see if i could sweat---which i can, only slightly.

Naturally, like with everything else with a chronic or undiagnosed illness, getting "conslusive" testing is elusive.

Im consulting with a neurologist right now, but others consults with dermatologists and endocrinologists with anhidrosis. Luckily, this guy is SMART, not one of the lame ducks a lot of us run into not knowing what dysautonomia is, not knowing how to think outside the box of his specialty.

He tends to think that these "hot flashes" can come from either internal body panic attacks (a poorly named phrase obviously since it has little to do with psychological panic), adrenal fight or flight problems, or cortisol deficiency (my cortisol was recently tested very low AM, although ive tested normally previously-----typical of adrenal fatigue because initially your adrenals increase output in the early stages before they deplete), or could be thyroid.

IVe read where hot flashes or sweating issues can be related to parasites also. Not sure about mitochondria.

Then theres the condition of hyperhydrosis----people who sweat buckets. They ALL tend to say they wish had anhidrosis but i can tell you that its dangerous if your body cant or wont sweat. THen there are other people who say they never sweat, but they'd be sick if they didnt. THey just dont notice that the moisture is doing its job, evaporating right off their skin.

And for those of us with sleep apnea, if we have an apneatic event we can wake up drenched with sweat and an adrenaline blast with shortness of breath. Those are three things you dont want at one time.

Wondering what sweat problems others have here, and have you traced the root cause of them or are they just along for the ride?

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