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How Test For Ehlers Danlos


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I have NCS, Pots and GI problems and I have had joint pain for years but it has come and gone. However, now I have been having constant, awful joint pain, all my joints hurt from neck to toes. I have hyper joints. My shoulder and hips pop out of place. My pain has become so bad that I'm searching for the reason they hurt so bad. My doctor put me on gabapentin but it is not helping my pain(What medication do others take that help their joint pain?). In 2008, I tested a low positive for rheumatic factor test. So, my doctor is going to retest me for any systemic rheumatic diseases. While doing research, I noticed I have many of the symptoms of Ehlers Danlos. I mentioned this to my GP and he said he couldnt find a test that tested for Ehlers Danlos. He said he didnt think there was one. However, I thought there was a blood test that tested for Ehlers Danlos. Does anyone know the test that tests for Ehlers Danlos and Is this a test that my GP can give me orders for, or would I have to go to a specialist.

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yes i just got back from a geneticist today and she is the 3nd informed EDS Dr who has confirmed i have type 3 EDS. I was told genetic testing is an option for classical and vascular i believe, but the hypermobility type they have not founf a way to identify this scienctifically yet, so they use the beighton score and just look at your hands, knees, scars etc.

you can take a look here for yourself


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I talked to doctors about my joint pain. My cardiologist did the beighton test on me (I just didnt know that is what she was doing till I saw it on your link). That is when she said I had hypermobility of my joints and prescribed me gabapentin. However, this has not been helping. I push myself to exercise every day, walk dog and try to do exercise tape. however this is becoming more difficult due to pots and now joint pain. What do you do to help your joint pain or treatment since you have been diagnosed with EDs.

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