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My POTS was pregnancy induced. I don't understand all the components of the illness, but I feel like gravity is such a problem when I'm symptomatic. I am feeling much better mostly since moving to CO - it's dry with high pressure and altitude. In Seattle I felt terrible and it was always humid with low pressure and at sea level.

But when there's a low pressure/humid day here, I feel awful for about 3 days after. And it's gravity. I just feel like I'm moving through water and am so heavy and slow, and trying to function doing everyday things is so hard and annoying. I drop things, bump into things, can't manage opening the door with groceries without having a lot of coordination problems and physical stress. It's fatigue I guess but in another form. It gets worse with PMS and before being dx'd I always would just complain that gravity was against me. I feel the pull down to the ground and fighting to stay upright and functional is hard.

Does this make sense? anyone else feel this relationship to gravity?

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Strange, I believe mine was also pregnancy induced, or at least that's what tipped the scale. I get the same feeling, but until you said gravity, I never found the right word. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so maybe it does have something to do with low pressure, humidity... I know there is some higher instances of ms here, but it would be interesting to relate some dysautonomia issues as well. I really tend to get worse when the weather gets bad, which as you know, is almost all the time here lol. Not sure if it helps, but at least you know there is someone who understands...hopefully you get a break from all the rain, I could sure use one :-)

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I find this interesting... I moved to northwest England from the East Coast seven years ago, and just keep getting progressively more ill. I know that my most serious symptoms were brought on by a hysterectomy -- but I often feel that the abysmal weather here is making me ill. Unfortunately, where we live, it rains almost daily, and when it doesn't rain, it still tends to be overcast and windy. Gravity sounds like as good an explanation as any - I can completely relate to the feelings you describe.

(It's so frustrating - I love it here and can't face the stress of thinking I must leave this life and move back to the States b/c of the freeking weather?!?)

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