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Blood Pressure Monitor That Doesn't "error" With Very Low Bp?


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Hi all,

I have noticed that my blood pressure monitor gives an "error" when I am feeling super weak and dizzy - I imagine it is because my blood pressure is too low for it to detect. I saw someone else post about this a little while ago, so I know I'm not the only one with this issue! Can anyone recommend a good brand of blood pressure monitor that doesn't give an "error" with very low blood pressures?

Thanks so much. Hope everyone is feeling well :)


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I've just had to go to using a manual cuff and stethescope because I've not been able to find an electronic one that will accept the weird readings I get when I'm symptomatic. When I see what I'm getting with the manual cuff at times, I can see why the electronic cuff doesn't like it and reads as an error. You can get a manual cuff with attached stethescope for less than $15 at Walmart that works well. It's not hard to learn how to use it, as long as you have relatively normal hearing.

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Thanks so much, sarahm. Do you by any chance know what the model is?

I do sometimes take my blood pressure manually, but my doctor has me take it sitting and then standing, and it can be hard to do manually while standing especially when I get really weak and dizzy. Thanks for the advice though!

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Same problem here, but I have hyper-POTS so my BP usually errors out when it is too high as WELL as too low. I called a manufacturer who told me that the problem is low blood volume - the machines cannot pick up the sound of blood rushing as it is so little going through it.

So I would NOT assume that you have real low bp when you error out - that might not be the case.

The bad part is that during the times we are most ill and need a bp measurement, the dang thing isn't working!

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