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Oxygen And It Helps - Useful For Uk Potsies As Can Obtain From Gp


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I have had oxygen now for the last two weeks, i use it in short high bursts for my migraines, and i use it at night to help get my heart rate down and I am pleased to say my normal resting heart rate whilst laying in bed before i fall asleep is 90-100

This week i have got it down to 85bpm!!! Now this may only be for as long as i have the mask on for but at least it helps, and you never know, if i save on a few beats per minute each night, i may get an extra 2 years or something on this wonderful planet lol!!!!

For the Uk potsies on here, its worth mentioning that even though Oxygen therapy is not licensed for POTs, my GP did put it down as my main health issue and thats how i obtained it.

Anyone else find it has helped?

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Someone just told me that oxygen helps their sister with migraines and I was going to ask my neuro about it next visit. They said it stopped the pain. Have you found that to be the case? Nothing helps mine once they begin, and I am feeling so ill from them.

Thanks for posting and glad it is helping your heart rate!!

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Well my old nuero said no he would not prescribe oxygen for my migraines alone, he said there is no clinical evidence for migraine improvement with oxygen. ONLY cluster headach. Now i think many of us here suffer from both in my opinion so i found it quite odd he was not prepared to let me try oxygen, yet he has prescribed Topamax and other drugs which have totally put my body back! i have even ended up in hospital on CCB he thought to try. I know these are the drugs that help millions but i was annoyed when all you have to do is a bit of reading on the net and you will see personal accounts of people with migraine benefiting from O2.

Now i wont lie and say its cured me, it hasnt, but it does help and i am grateful for that. My GP pushed it for me through POTS and Migraine as the reasons. For people in Uk and Anna, you need a HOOF form from you GP to fill out.

I can say i have an hour a night, and if i get a really thumping head with the tachy the oxygen helps becuase it slows my heart down slightly and helps my head.I think i read the oxgenhelps the blood vesells contrict in the brain also.

My skin is better and my sleep, i am so much less dark under my eyes. I think Potsies should have the right to oxgen in my opinion.

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