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Ttt - Pre Syncope Brought On After Cannula - Will This Be False?


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Hi all

I finally had my TTT done on Friday. As soon as I went up my heart raced until it was over and I had a few waves of feeling giddy with fuzzy vision. They inserted the cannula which was fine but after about half a minute she asked if I was ok, which I was but as soon as I had said that, I felt I was starting to faint so I said 'maybe not' and she brought the table up and that was the end of the TTT. I had bloods taken laying and standing afterwards.

Would this not give a false reading if the pre syncope was brought on by the cannula? She did say that they had all the info they need and the test was positive - what does that mean? For what?

also whilst up on the tilt I was asked to count crack in increments of 7 from 331 at which I failed miserably. I done this later at home and was fine -what is this to test for?

I do not get my results till next May :(

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Tinks - this is entirely a guess: Perhaps the counting backward in increments of 7 is asking you to do something that's not easy, and requires mental concentration. If you are in a fog, or distracted by symptoms, that otherwise aren't significant enough to show up on their monitors, perhaps doing this helps show them stuff.

Again, I don't know. If someone is 'good at these kind of numbers games' it may be that they can do this easily no matter what, even if stressed by POTS, whereas someone who has struggled with such number work in their head may find the slightest thing - the test environment itself - may make them stumble.

Again, this is all a guess.

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