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Hello everyone.

Sorry i haven't been on for a while i have been getting myself back together.Anyway things are great at the moment.

I have changed my diet and i saw a nutrionist who suggested i take vitamin b5.I

have also been having physiotherapy which has helped so much.And i have been out of bed more often i only stay in it if i need a sleep in the afternoon.So by doing all of that i have had about 3 days last week without fainting and if i do faint its only about once a day.I have been going out without my support socks and my moods have drastically changed i am so much happier whereas before my moods were all over the place.I still have the symptoms but just not as bad i can cope with feeling ill as long as im upright.It was the fainting that i couldnt cope with.Anyway thankyou for all your support and take care

h x

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Guest tearose

Glad you are telling us what is going on.

It is always wonderful to hear news of what is working to make life better.

I am happy you feel so good.

With all that fainting you were doing, it gave a new meaning to the phrase "vertically challenged".

I am so happy you are more steady on your feet now!

So tell us please, what diet changes did you make and how do you keep to your exercise plan without wearing yourself out?

We need all your secrets...suggestions and tips...

best regards, tearose

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maybe i will tell you if you pay me he he :angry:

thankyou for your reply.I have cut out chocolate,milk and mostly sugar i still have abit sometimes.I also eat every 3 hours and something just before bed because i used to get so moody if i didnt eat at certain times.Ive also been having physiotherapy.I have been doing gentle exercises and trying not to stay in bed to often.hope it helps.If not i will give you your money back :o

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Guest tearose

:o another advocate of no sugar! :o and you want me to pay you for that?

Wow, I am really going kicking and screaming...being pulled from the cookie jar!!! :(

You are not the first to make these suggestions, okay, maybe now that you made me pay for the info I'll just have to give it a real try!

:( How long are the withdrawal symptoms?

thanks a lot hayley.... :angry:

out of sorts, okay, and maybe grateful....tearose

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