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So Mad Right Now!!!!!!

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I am so frustrated with the medical system that I could just scream right now!!!

My daughter has been waiting for 9 months to see a cardiologist at a clinic that deals with POTS.. Her appointment was supposed to be in August. They called yesterday saying that they had a cancellation for this morning and would she be interested in coming in today. Of course, she jumped at the chance to see the cardiologist earlier than August. We were a block away from the office this morning when the cardiologist's office called to say that they had made a "scheduling error" and that the doctor would not be able to see her today and that they could "squeeze her in" in June.

I took the day off work to bring my daughter to the doctor, my daughter got up early to make sure she would be on time (and you know how hard mornings are for POTS patients) and then they cancel. So far not impressed with this doctor's office!!!!!

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So sorry! I just don't think the office staff get it. We sat in a waiting room for over 2 hours one day, my son had to lay down on the waiting room floor..yuck. The doctor wasn't even there. I wish they would have called and told us come in two hours later than scheduled.

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