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Lower Legs Burning After Eating. Weird.


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Hi. Does anyone else here feel a temperature change in your lower legs after eating? Sometimes I feel cold. That's usually when my feet follow suit and get cold and turn blue. Other times, like tonight, I feel warm and look a bit mottled. Anyone else? And, if so, what on earth would cause this?



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Yeah, I've been thoroughly tested by two mast cell experts for mast cell disease, and both say no. I have to wonder, though. I got this last night after eating supper, and I took a Claritin, just to see, and within 30 minutes, the sensation was gone.

I'm on a clonidine patch right now, and it blocks DAO in the gut, which breaks down histamine, so I'm finding myself using my Claritin more and more after eating.

Doesn't all of this just stink to high heaven????!! I'm so sick of it.

Thanks for writing.


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Oh wow Linda, were those experts from Boston? As I'm sure you know, varying masto specialists have varying experience with MCAS

Sometimes you have to go with what you feel and what works no matter what docs are telling you. If you have symptoms that respond to antihistamines my guess would be it's a reaction and I would start looking for triggers/try an elimination diet. If the claritin helps, stick with it for now I would think

But you know your body best!

Keep us posted

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