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Clonidine Patch Anyone?


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Hi, everyone. The docs have started me on a clonidine patch, hoping it will help calm down the reactions I have after I eat. So far, no, but it's early yet. I'm at least tolerating the patch so far, and it's been on 26 hours. That's something.

I'm just wondering how many of you have had success with clonidine? I know Dr. Grubb said those with hyperadrenergic POTS does better with clonidine than BB's. Those make me sooo symptomatic.

I looked up clonidine here at the forum, but it seems not too many of you are on it. Issie, I know you're trying the patch. How's it going?

I don't think this is the answer, but maybe it will help a bit.


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I'm using the tablets at the moment. I have liver issues and medicines build up on me and I have to take minuet doses of anything or I start having problems. I wish I could use the patch because what I'm taking is wearing off too soon and isn't a steady dose. But, they don't make one low enough for me and I react to adhesives. I asked about it yesterday when I called the doc. I'm having some pretty drastic bp swings and I'm not leveling out too well. They have instructed me to take it 3 times a day and see if it helps. What I have determined is even though it causes me to feel lethargic - I'm liking the fact that my tacky isn't so strong and severe. I'm still having it - of course because my bp is all over the place - but, over all I think I prefer not having the tacky every hour. But, it is causing me to be more dizzy when I'm standing. I'm okay sitting - but, standing - not lasting as long. A lot of my side effects they think will even out - this is only my 2nd week on it. So, I'm not throwing my hands up and stopping it - not yet - any way. So, hopeful about what will happen with it. It makes me pretty lethargic though and it takes a lot of determination to motivate myself to do things. Like right now, I'm putting off my exercise. LOL - so better go and get that in and then - I can sit and veg and write to you guys. :)


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