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Cold Sensation In Chest

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It feels like I drank something cold. It's generally in the center of my chest. It's very uncomfortable. I had been feeling so good this last week and now I feel right back to square one. I began lexapro about three and a half weeks ago and was prescribed klonopin to take alongside the lexapro to help me get through the first bad few weeks. The first two weeks I took 1 mg of klonopin every night, I didn't really notice any improvement but I didn't feel any worse either. The third week I cut down to a half of klonopin every night and it was during this time that I really began to feel better. The fourth week began and I decided to only take the half of the klonopin every other day. I immediately began having problems. All of my pots symptoms came back!!! I am SO discouraged!!!

Can klonopin really help us? Or is this just a flare?

Thank you!!


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