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New to Board but need help now...


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hi everyone,

i am new to the board but have a very important concern.

my history is complex, but basically i have had cushings disease, and had pituitary surgery in 2000. since then i have had vertigo diagnosed as mav or migraine associated vertigo.

ok, two times i was tested for hyperaldosteronism butfinally concluded i did not have it (with just one blood test)

now i am scheduled for a bladder biopsy under general anesthesia tuesday. problem is i had to have a preop exam monday, which included a thallium stress test. since then, my bp has been 170/100 at times and then dropping to 90/50. my cardiologist has already signed off on the surgery but in the last five days i have not felt well

one thing i have noticed is sleeping on my back causes a very low drop in bp and i have to turn to my side as it actually wakes me up. then around 2-4 in the afternoon my bp is up and i can tell simply by how i feel. the vertigo i have increases, i get a headache between my eyes and i get hungry.

i know this is a lot in one post but my concern is should i go into surgery feeling like this. i have not had time to read many posts (reading the computer kicks up my vertigo) but if anyone can help me please, i would appreciate just your thoughts on what you would do.

does this sound like hyperaldosteronism?

what is my next step?

thanks for your help...........judyv

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I'm not really fimilliar with your other issues so I unfortunately don't really know how to help. If you have a concern don't hesitate to bring it up with your doctors and maybe they would have some advice for you. I have gone into surgery with a bp of 60/40 and I was ok and only had a few minor complications due to it. I don't really have any advice for you...I just wanted to let you know that you'll be in my prayers. I hope everything goes well.

God bless,


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Thanks Caitlin,

I understand my post was complicated......but you answered one of my questions and that was how low can your bp go and still be safe......

I know so little about POTS and need to learn more in a hurry......

I really believe so many of my problems lie somewhere in this area and i have never really had a good work up.

The disease I had was Cushings and I had a tumor on my pituitary gland which was removed. I then had to take steroids and im on 7.5mg cortef which my endo is trying to get me off.....but......it helps my vertigo. I believe if my aldosterine and renin levels were correct I might stand a chance of getting rid of my vertigo. I have had disabling vertigo for four years and have had every test possible. I have to believe there is help out there:

My other symptoms are:

severe heat intolerance

low potassium levels

intolerance to exercise

muscle aches

ears ringing

hunger and headaches (i dont have diabetes)

still havent decided what to do about surgery tuesday but will call cardiologist tomorrow and also my endo.

any other suggestions anyone?


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