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Medical Fundraiser

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Hey Guys. So I have had a website up for a while now with my story and such. I want to start a fundraiser for me. But I am not sure where or how to get started. I don't want to get into any kind of legal trouble, I am not sure if you can just start fundraising or if you hav to go thorugh paperowrk , lega stuff, etc. I DO NOT want to start a non-profit foundation yet because I don't have the time right now. But I do want to do some fundraising things. If you have any info on; how to get started , legal things , ideas, etc. let me know thanks :)

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I found out in Dec. that a group of friends were planning a fundraiser for me- the event is called "Jen's Angels" and I am just amazed at what they are doing and how much they've accomplished. It's the end of April. But I know nothing about the planning process because I've been deliberately left out of it so I'm not sure what they've needed. I can ask my sister, who is involved, if you don't get what you need to know by responses on this thread. I would imagine the rules would vary by state.

I'm actually really embarrassed about the whole thing and almost died when they told me about it- and I still get anxiety and think OMG.. What if NO one comes lol. But I know they've arranged for live music all day (it's like 11am-1am) and 7 bands (all agreed to pay for free which I thought was awesome- these are bigger area bands who usually get paid) , 50/50 raffle, silent auction, Ummm.. There is a lot more but like I said they keep me out of the loop so I'm not sure. I know the first part is really kids related and they are doing face painting, tons of bouncy houses, ponies, sno cones, and of course lots of food all day. I know there's other stuff and it's a lot of work and going around asking for donations and arranging everything.

But let me know if you don't find out what you need and I will talk to my sister.


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