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A Reminder That Giving Medical Advice Is Not Allowed On The Forum


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The moderators work hard to make sure that the DINET forum is a safe place for everyone. Recently we've put in a lot of hours editing topics that were worded as medical advice. Please remember to use a kind tone and share your opinion as "In my experience," "In my opinion," "This has worked for me," or similar wording. Posting medical advice opens DINET up to liability. Also, please understand that while you can learn about potential diagnoses and treatments available, the DINET forum is not the place to obtain medical advice specific to any condition you may have. If you need clarification, here are the DINET rules pertaining to medical advice:

Medical Advice

The content of DINET's forums is in no way a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Readers are encouraged to confirm all information with other sources and a physician. Please keep in mind that treatments that help one patient may be detrimental to another. Members should never try any new treatment without first obtaining a physician's approval.

Clarification to "medical advice:" It is okay to suggest someone seek professional medical advice and treatment. It is okay to say that you had a similar situation in which you were treated with x, y, and z medications. However, it is not okay to tell others what to do, such as, "You should take x, y, and z medications."

Participation on DINET's forums signifies that you agree to abstain from giving medical advice to other members.

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