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?compression Suit?

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

Does anyone remember the type of compression that was mentioned a couple of years ago that could help with keeping blood pressure up especially during airflight?

I tend to have many sets of SVTs if the cabin is not pressurized adequately. I am trying to figure out any possibility of flying again.



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I would be very interested in this.

I purchased a g-suit last year and I think it would have been helpful. Mine was used and it leaked so, I sent it back. Also, it was a little too long (I am short). AND, the band that goes around your back end to keep the abdominal airbag pressed in aggravated my spinal stenosis/sciatica.

It was a little bulky but I would have worn it if it helped. The nice thing is that the one I had (an old military version) was cotton so it wasn't as hot as compression hose and the areas that sweat were exposed - back of the knees, groin, etc.

The problem that I see is that most of the blood pooling for me seems to be in the abdominal area and I don't get much pooling in my feet (some in my legs) so regular compression hose were not that helpful.

Dr. Medow did a webinar on hypoperfusion and he felt the perctanges were greater in the splanchic area so I am not sure how effective these suits are.

Here is link to the webinar:


and to the slides


If you notice on Pg 19, the thorax area loses 30% and the splanchnic gains 30% then the pelvis and leg are at about 10% (the SAME as the controls).

then page 35 - the brain loses 20% blood flow during TTT.

This is why I don't wear compression hose anymore (they're too hot and that is a trigger, they're too expensive, too hard to get on - leaves me exhausted and for the number of times I have to go to the bathroom - not worth the hassle). Then to see these types of numbers makes me wonder if these POTS doctors keep up with the research. And this research is from 2010!

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